We are an exciting new ministry for those in the Downriver Area! Come and check us out and you will be blessed by our fellowship! As we grow we will incorporate a kid’s, teens, and men’s and women’s ministry, of our own, as well. We also cannot wait to have our next baptism or communion service! Remember, we are not a new small group, we are our own church! We love all our families and caregivers that come with the love of Jesus Christ!
Each service consists of a meal, worship, a lesson, a giveaway, and a craft! So you can get filled up each week and have something to take home and share the story of God’s Love with others! See our weekly schedule below!
Plus let us know if you can or feel lead by God to help us in this ministry! You could do anything from greeting, to help make food and bring it in, to set-up/clean-up, to preparing or buying a craft, etc. So if you have any questions or would like to know how we could plug you in see Pastor Herb or Sarah! We love our volunteers and our families, because you are family to us!
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